British Columbia Collective Bargaining Agreements

(c) to refuse the injunction despite a violation of that code, collective agreement or regulations, if the House considers that the provision is fair and equitable in light of the inappropriate conduct of the person filing the application or appeal; 16 (1) The employer must respect the transfer of a worker`s written salary to a union certified as a bargaining partner for its employees under this code, unless the assignment is cancelled by the board of directors or revoked by the assignee. 78 (1) Before a strike or lockout begins, the employer of the workers in the tariff unit concerned may request that the acceptance or rejection of the employer`s last offer that the union received be voted between the parties on all matters still at issue and, if the employer has requested a vote, the Assistant Chair must order that a vote of these workers accept or reject the offer in a manner that the associate president directs. (a) are satisfied that the majority of votes are not in favour of the union representing the unit as a bargaining partner or (2) If a union and employer have entered into a collective agreement outside of British Columbia, it is not valid in British Columbia until the majority of workers covered by the agreement in British Columbia ratify it. (10) If the certification of a union as a bargaining partner for an entity is repealed in accordance with a provision of this code, no other union may apply to be certified as a bargaining partner for workers in that unit until the expiry of a ten-month period or a shorter period set by the board of directors. Ontario Hospital Association. Local collective agreements online, in alphabetical order by union name. free. (2) Within 7 days of receiving notification of the fact-finder`s designation, each party must provide in writing to the fact-finder and the other party with the presentation of all the issues on which the parties have agreed to be included in a collective agreement and for all matters still in dispute between the parties.