This year, you can choose from 6 health plan options from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.


Employee Election Form – All employees, whether they want coverage or not, must complete the employee election form.

BCBSTX Enrollment Form – If you are enrolling in or waiving coverage for the first time, adding or removing a spouse or dependents, or making changes to your current health or dental coverage, you must complete the BCBSTX enrollment form.


Spartacus Consulting pays $270.49 toward the employee premium for whichever plan you select. The cost for dependent coverage under any plan option is the employee’s responsibility.

Benefits shown below are individual in-network limits. Family deductibles and out-of-pocket limits are two to three times the individual amounts. For more details on up-front copayments and other benefits, see the Summaries of Benefits and Coverage.

Note that all deductibles and out-of-pocket limits run on a calendar-year basis, not plan year. They start over every January.

Employees electing Options 1, 2, or 3 can set up a Health Savings Account (HSA) and deduct their contributions when filing their income tax return.

If you do not have an HSA and want to establish one, you can click here for HSA Bank, or you can use any bank you wish. Click here for more information on HSAs and be sure not to contribute more than the maximum allowed per year.

Employees electing Options 4, 5, or 6 CANNOT set up a Health Savings Account or make tax-free deposits as these plans are not HSA-compliant.

Print employee cost sheet


All plans offered use the large BCBSTSX Blue Choice PPO network and require no Primary Care Physician (PCP) or referrals. Be sure to use in-network providers whenever possible (you can search for a provider here).

All health plans through BCBSTX include virtual visits through MDLive. The cost of the telehealth visits is $45 on the HSA plans or the same as the primary care physician copayment on the copay plans.


In-network preventive care is covered at no charge on all plans. See section 3 of the employee packet for more information.


Health plan members have access to several additional perks through the Blue365 program. See section 5 of the employee packet for more information.